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What are Federally Qualified Health Centers?

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) are health care centers that provide a comprehensive range of services. FQHCs receive additional reimbursement through Medicaid and Medicare in order to treat underserved areas or populations. FQHCs also offer a sliding scale of fees based on insurance coverage and income. There are more than 160 FQHC in Chicago. To learn more about FQHCs, please visit:

To see all Chicago FQHCs:

Provider:  Access Community Health

About This Provider:  Access Community Health provides a continuum of care through 25 Federally Qualified Health

Centers in the Chicagoland area.

Address/Phone Number:  1-866-267-2353 


Additional Forms/Links/Notes:  Doctor Locator:

Make an appointment:

Provider:  Miles Square Health Center(s)

About This Provider:  Miles Square is a federally qualified health center, with several locations throughout the south & west sides of Chicago. Miles Square is affiliated with UIC Health. Miles Square offers a cancer survivorship program for those who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or cancer survivors who require ongoing care.

Address/Phone Number:  Main Location:  1220 S Wood Street | 312-996-2000


Additional Forms/Links/Notes:  Clinic locations & services:

Cancer Survivorship Program:

Provider:  Chicago Family Health Center(s)

About This Provider:  Chicago Family Health Center(s) provides affordable, comprehensive health services to communities throughout Chicago.

Address/Phone Number:  773-768-5000


Additional Forms/Links/Notes:  Clinic Locations:

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