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Our Accomplishments​

To date, SWIO has trained 40 educators who have successfully educated more than 6,500 women with information about breast cancer and other women’s health issues. 400 women have been navigated to and through breast health screening and follow up care, many of whom have not had mammograms in years. SWIO is operated by an extensive network of healthcare professionals, community stakeholders and breast cancer advocates.


2022 Accomplishments

  • Welcomed Ms. Jada Houston, a student studying to receive a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan, as a Summer Intern to Research Clinical Trials and the Hesitance of Minorites in Healthcare

  • Hosted our very first Breast Cancer Walk

  • SWIOs CEO was nominated as a finalist for the 2021 YOUR Cancer, Scientific American Customer Cancer Community Award

  • Secured a community partnership with Gilead and other Chicagoland Breast Cancer Advocacy Groups

  • Hosted multiple COVID-19 Relief Outreach Programs in 2020

  • Educated and graduated individuals who attended the SWIO Community Health Workers Class

  • Partnered with the CORE Community – Academic Research Summit Cancer and the Microbiome

  • Bettered and brought back our SWIO Cancer Support Groups

  • Streamlined the SWIO “Request for Speaker & Vendor Participation” request form


… and we’re only half way through 2022!!!


Our Board of Directors


Dr. Charmonique Tims

Board Member


Susan McKenzie

Board Member


Louis C Raymond II, JD


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Board Member

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