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Houefa Ella Lawal

Board Member

My name is Houefa Ella Lawal. I am a mother of two wonderful girls Lena and Yona. I am forty years old and I am survivor of stage 3-breast cancer. I have been married for fifteen years to my husband and I am a Registered-Nurse by profession. I love life and I love smiling.

My favorite things to do are cooking, dancing, organizing and being a mom. I love taking the time to celebrate “me”.


I am still intrigued by my story sometimes, but I think that it is what gives me the fuel to move mountains and overcome obstacles. My entire life has been around “adaptation to changes”; some experiences were good while some were bad, but in the end they have made me who I am today and I am truly grateful for them.


I was born in Benin (West Africa) from a mother who is French and a father who is African.  I am, in my mind, a citizen of the world but very proud of my heritages. I believe in the power of having faith in God, being good to others, respect, positivity, resilience, and goals.


While living in Benin, I graduated from high school and left for my second home, which was Paris, where I studied in college until my first Bachelor in Communications. Discovering different places were never an issue for me as well as adapting to new people or cultures. When I decided to stay in Chicago, my only concern was the weather, but I adapted to that as well.


At age 25, I was now embracing a new “everything” in a place where I could barely speak the language, only knew one person, and did not know the food traditions. I was determined to learn English, and would not let that go until I found the next reason that made me stay, my husband.


Life had thrown some pretty ugly things at us, but with my beliefs, I am able to stay strong after fighting my last battle with cancer. I want to know women who can use me, because I am here for a purpose.  I am a woman, a woman of color, and a woman who wants to fight for her sisters.

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