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Congratulations and Thank You for taking the Pledge to become a
Fire Starter and committing to joining the fight against TNBC.
Encourage your family, friends and co-workers to join the fight against TNBC.  To IGNITE YOU NETWORK, below are several images available to you to use on your personal social media platforms.  We encourage you to right click over the image and then "download/save as", any of the images below and then upload them to your social media platforms.   
"Be sure to copy and past the "" link below to your post"

The link below can be copied and pasted into any social media post or email.
This link takes you DIRECTLY to the "Take the Pledge" registration. 
Take the Pledge Link
Twitter Post - Take the Ignite Pledge.png

Twitter Post

Facebook Post - Take the Ignite Pledge.png

Facebook Post

LinkedIn Post - Take the Ignite Pledge.png

LinkedIn Post

Please feel free to use any of the "Hashtags" below on your social media platforms.









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