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Health Coverage & Other Benefits - Illinois Residents

(FOR PATIENTS SEEKING HEALTH COVERAGE) If you want to apply for Medicaid

Use this link to check for Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, SNAP, and WIC Eligibility in Illinois:

Resources for those who are ELIGIBLE for Medicaid

Provider:  Illinois Department of Human Services Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE)

About this Provider:  This is the application to receive Medicaid in Illinois

Phone Number:  For questions about eligibility and applying for benefits please call the ABE hotline: 1-800-843-6154


Additional Information:  You can also use this link to apply for Medicare, SNAP, WIC, and other state benefits.

Provider: Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

About this Provider:  Use this link once you are a medicaid patient or have applied to check on the status of your application

Phone Number: 1-800-343-6154


Additional Information:  N/A

Resources for those who are NOT ELIGIBLE for Medicaid and need insurance


 About this Provider:  If you are not covered by Medicaid, or a private, employer-provided plan, please visit this website to enroll in a health insurance plan. 

Phone Number:  1-800-318-2596


Additional information:  Note: You may qualify for a premium tax credit or cost-sharing reductions to save money on your premiums. When enrolling in a plan, you will be notified if you qualify. Please visit this link for more information:

To apply for disability benefits:
Depending on your cancer diagnosis, if you are unable to work, you may be eligible for disability benefits in Illinois. Disability benefits qualify you for additional financial assistance and programs such as Meals on Wheels.

Provider:  Social Security Administration

About this Provider:  Use this website to find out more about applying for disability benefits and apply online.

Phone Number:  1-800-772-1213


Additional Forms/Links/Notes:  Checklist of everything you need to apply for disability:

Application to apply online:

If your initial application is denied and you are unsure how to proceed, please consider utilizing the Legal Aid resources listed below to aid in appealing your application..

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